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Who Is This Guy?


Rik Tod Johnson

Marketing and communications professional with ten years of high-pressure experience in the sports industry and working for non-profit corporations. Strong writing and editing skills, with proficiency in creating content for use in magazines, brochures, websites, blogs, and e-newsletters. I have vast expertise in generating and posting content on most of the major social media platforms.

I am an avid blogger, and run several of my own sites based around topics such as cinema, animation, and gluten-free living. My other interests include baseball, music, science fiction, literature, comics, astronomy, zoology, oceanography, paleontology, and free speech.

I am also an Oxford comma enthusiast, but if you are not, we can work around that. It is merely a preference.



While I am most interested in freelance writing or editing jobs where I am able to work from home, I am also open to full-time or part-time positions if they interest me and are located in my general vicinity (Orange County and Riverside County in Southern California). Check out my résumé to see if I am the right fit for your company.

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