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Blogging My Life Away

Eleven years ago, Rik started his first blog — The Cinema 4 Pylon — and though he took an extended break from blogging due to medical concerns for a few years, he has recently returned to writing as much as possible. He also runs the Cinema 4: Cel Bloc animation site, where extended articles based around classic cartoons are featured, and The Shark Film Office, where the history of sharks and other ocean-dwelling creatures on film and television is the focus. In early 2016, Rik started a fourth blog about his new lifestyle built around his allergy and other health issues called Intelli-Allergentsia.

Rik also launched two new blogs in late May 2016 with his writing partner, Aaron Lowe. Both websites have rather novel concepts:

  • Visiting and Revisiting with Rik and Aaron features in-depth film discussions revolving around the notion that the film under review has been seen by one of the pair many times over and thus they have somewhat of a history with the film, while the other has never seen the film and knows relatively little about it going into the viewing.


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